Prior to advocating on behalf of policyholders, Mr. Aguila practiced in one of the nation’s largest law firms where he represented insurance companies in property damage and contractual disputes throughout the State of Florida. Now, Mr. Aguila advocates on behalf of policyholders against insurance companies using the valuable insight he attained.

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Fire Damage Claims

Fire Damage Claims Miami, FL

Fire Damage Claims

Whether you live in a place that has fire season annually and it has affected your home, or fire season came about another way, the damage can still be devastating. Fires can cause damage by destroying your possessions or home. There can also be smoke damage as well that seeps into the walls and affects your home.

If a fire occurs where you are, the first thing to do is get out of your house and call 911. The fire department will come and mitigate the fire and make sure it doesn’t spread any more than it has. They will instruct you on when it is safe to return to your home.

Once it is safe, you will need to assess the damage that was done for your claim. Perhaps only one room was affected, or the fire could have been more widespread. You’ll need to notify your insurance company about your loss.

In some cases, you can ask for an advance to help cover things for immediate repairs. Before any repairs can begin, you’ll need to assess the damage for the purposes of your claim. Take inventory of your losses and the damage. Make sure to photograph everything and include detailed descriptions wherever you can, as well as the value of what was damaged. The inventory process may seem tedious and long, but it allows you to report a full claim and get as much compensation back as you can.

When it comes to house fires, losing your valuables or your home is hard enough. Aguila Law can make the recovery process easier. Our firm specializes in helping policyholders with insurance claims. Aguila Law can help you with your claim and guide you through the process as you begin to rebuild. Contact our firm today to set up your free case evaluation.


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Carlos C. Aguila is a Miami, Florida property insurance lawyer and founder of Aguila Law. His practice is dedicated to civil litigation primarily in the representation of policyholders in disputes against their insurance companies. Mr. Aguila has litigated insurance coverage matters throughout the State of Florida and has successfully tried cases in both state and federal court.

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